August 5, 2019

Why Writers Should Engage More In Networking

Events planners have developed an attitude of making participants engage in networking, which is a great move for people who are introverts, and those who find it difficult to start conversations with strangers.

Networking is not solely for a corporate world, great personalities in the world connect with new people in different gatherings. I believe that writers have a world of their own. Albeit, a writer needs to engage and connect with other people to become knowledgeable about their market size.

In a simpler terms, networking means to meet and greet new people; give a brief about what you do, and know what that person does.

If other professionals in the corporate world are creating more job opportunities for themselves, and getting robust offers through networking, then writers should embrace networking skills.

If you have always thought, networking is just a random thing you do when you meet strangers, without no benefits attached to it, then you are wrong. At the end of this article, you will embrace networking better.

Why should writers be a networker

  • Understand your audience

Every writer has his/her audience, and your type of audience determines your market size.

Networking plays a vital role in your business as a writer; you need an individual to pay you for every word you write, which is why you should not discriminate against other professions. We need each other, the world is in a cycle, and the more you realize out of every random stranger you meet at an event, one of them needs your work.

Networking helps you to know what and why people needs your work.

  • Build great friendship

Communication is the bedrock of every quality friendship. Without communication, networking will be impossible. It is impossible to introduce yourself and what you do by simply smiling at a stranger; except you are a model who only wants to sell your face to a brand.

Most friendship starts from little conversations about well-being, name and then develops into something meaningful.

Next time you join a writers masterclass, or attend any workshop, attempt to communicate effectively to one person; talk about your interest, career, dreams, and you will realize you are a way closer to building a great friendship.

  • A wide range of opportunities

"Opportunities do not come but once" I used to believe that as a child.

Opportunities are all around, are they are hidden in the unspoken words of your friend, strangers and family. However, you could be blindfolded toward an opportunity if you have failed to network properly. Writers are creative people who create their own world, yet some writers do not recognize that networking is one of the ingredients to great opportunities.

  • Build a stronger market

After knowing your market size, focus on how to reach more audiences and become a successful writer, which could mean writing more best sellers. Late Stan Lee was popular for his comics works at Marvels comics and even after he left his regular duties at Marvels, he established his own media platform 8 years later. He made it through by connecting with people.

  • A better career option

Writing is a great ability, while some call it a great talent, others call it a great skill. With writing, you can explore other career options. Freelancing has helped some writers to become knowledgeable on some issues, and become an expert.

Networking is a perfect way to explore your areas of interest.

Next time you are at a mini party, conference or boot camp, meeting a random stranger and selling what you do in few minutes is not a bad idea.

Always believe you have resources to help every stranger you meet, and you should not hoard your skills, but rather connect with people.

On the 17th of this month, you will have a great opportunity to network with other writers, both in your circle and niche.

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