NOTE: This anthology is COMPLETED

This compilation is intended to elicit great works of art that express the inner power that is found deep within each of us. Inside each individual lives a spirit that has untold potential to change their outward disposition. At times when our outward selves exude weakness, timidity, and resignation, for example; It only takes the inner strength and courage to be evoked!

These three themes are designed to capture, portray, and relay how each co-author relates to this human phenomenon.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • A Quest for Personal Relevance
  • Beating the Odds

Invitation to Co-Authors

We are inviting budding and established authors alike to join this project and help make it a success. The success will always be defined by the potential impact that this will have on people out there, some that we might never know about. However, experiences have shown that at least one person will reach out to share how your story would have touched them. This has always been humbling!
There are also the financial benefits to authors that cannot be underplayed.
Writing in this anthology provides one with a life-time ownership to the book. Those who have written with us before, know that selling the books is one of the easiest things to do – they sell themselves. More information will be available to those who come on-board.
For those aspiring to be professional authors; the coaching, the book, and its publicity, will certainly make an impressive curriculum vitae. Additionally, a “Best Seller” status goes a long way when launching personal works in the future.

There's a Waiting List!

As this offer is on a first-come-first-served basis, it is incumbent that potential co-authors make a commitment before spots are taken.

Coauthors Responsibilities

Writing a 2000- 2500-word chapter based on any one of the 3 themes listed above.
Choosing a specific title for the individual co-author’s chapter
Paying the required subscription fee required to cover editing, printing, marketing, etc.

Payment Plan

We offer flexible payment options for co-authors. 


3x Monthly Payment
Total billed at $750


2x Monthly Payment
Total billed at $700


Once-off Payment
Full Payment at $650


​​We promise to give you, personal support to make this process enjoyable.
Opens more career opportunities
Writing heals and reduces stress
It opens new networking opportunities
Boosts confidence and self-esteem
Increase your credibility
Increase recognition
Puts you on platforms you never had access to before
Opportunity for professional growth, including compiling your own book.
Adds presence and value
Gives you a title and is great for your resume
Places your name next to experts
A great way to create another avenue of residual income
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