December 6, 2018

The Benefits Of Having An Accountability Partner When Writing

Remember the cartoon, Tom and Jerry, though the story showed the fact cat and dog disagree. One thing I saw in that cartoon is the fact that Tom was always accountable for Jerry, and likewise. They were each other’s accountability partner.

As writers, you need to belong to a family, a group or community. It will help you to keep your pace and of course have a clearer picture of what you want to be as a writer. Being part of a community gives you the advantage of having an accountability partner, and they are benefits to such.

1. They keep you on track
Certain times there are deadlines to submission of essays, stories or researches. Having a partner makes it easier for you, your partner keeps you on track by asking about your drafts, keeping your tabs on you. Your partner motivates you and pushes you to keep going.

2. Feedback
An accountability partner stands for both the editor and supporter before your work finally goes to the editor and eventually published. Your accountability partner does not necessarily have to be a writer, he or she could be a close friend who has taken interest in your writing and really wants you to become the best in your writing. Your accountability partner must be ready to read your work and give you constructive criticism.

3. Productivity
You become more productive and produce good work as a writer, you might even become a best seller. The question to ask is what are your goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years in your chosen career? Having a partner who keeps you on track on daily basis, weekly or monthly basis keeps you focused and helps you become productive, which can be a challenge when working it alone.

4. Learning New Things
You will likely not know it all, that is why you need a partner to help you learn new skills. There are certain tools that will help you achieve your writing goals, and also keep your writing safe. There are several things that you can learn as a writer as you remain accountable to someone.

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