Path to Resilience

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This book will show you how resilience is just like a muscle which needs developing. This muscle is not developed in anticipation of challenges, but when challenges come your awareness will help you through the challenge without destroying who you are, but build your confidence, self-worth, and your determination to live your life, and fulfill your purpose. You will also learn that there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your needs first. Selfish will cease to be a negative label, because you can only serve well when you are physically, emotional, and spiritual healthy. The author shares her own personal journey through life, showing you she had to make some tough decisions to survive, and pursue her dream. She has gone through some tremendous challenges to get where she is today. She lives to share all her stories, and she is now helping men and women across the globe develop their attitude and skills to thrive under stress or challenges. You will see that resilience is a prerequisite for surviving the fast paced and demanding work, and ever changing work environment. It is not only needed to cope with life in general, but it is an essential attribute we need in our professional life as well. You can finally break the cycle of rejection, feeling like you don’t belong, lack of confidence and self-esteem, self-destructive habits, lack of self-love, time wasting and avoid future regrets. You will see the power of realizing your self-worth, your self-realization, and gain the courage to pursue your dreams. This is a powerful system to help you focus on the person who matters the most YOU. Decision making will be easier, you will look at problems from a different perspective. Instead of being destroyed, a challenge will be your stepping stone to self-discovery, productivity, and inward peace. You can also learn about the power of forgiveness.



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