February 23, 2019

Live out Your Vision as a Christian Writer!

Writing is as old as man, the Bible is an historical book that shows how men valued writing and planning. A book showing diversity; men, leaders, and priests functioning also as writers.

Men in the Bible wrote for different reasons. A man like David kept a journal about his journey, his challenges and fears. He had maps, sketches of wars he was about to embark on. All of these helped him plan.

Habakkuk 2:2 Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.

When there is an urge to write, you should make a plan and write out your first draft.

Sarah Tun

Sarah Tun, a Canadian christian writer and pastor made this statement in the quote after she published her first book "Free to Be" in 2012. Her statement followed a story of how she made her first draft in 2004 and got her first book published in 2012. Sarah narrowed her passion and career on a path, through her pen.

The Power in Your Pen

Like the Lord told Habakkuk, that his vision should be written. It is obvious the Lord understands that a faint pen is mightier than a sharp brain. Your success as a writer is dependent on your vision, irrespective of your target.

Unlike the days of old where men had to ask from a priest or a seer before writing their vision. Writers now have a direct access to God, through his spirit to create their vision before meeting a publisher.


The transition between your first draft to your final publication proves the advantage of a vision statement. Above your talent and skill, your vision statement avoids cluttering of your goals.

A Strong Vision Statement is Key.

A stranger will be confident to walk into your house on his first visit if he has your key. What is your vision?

Sarah had asked several questions about her purpose and what God wants her to do, until one day she got clarity. She discovered her pen as a great instrument to make a difference. Then she wrote down her vision. She probably wrote it down and pasted it on her mirror, so she could see it every day.

This comparison of a key to a vision statement depicts the ability to unlock opportunities through writing.


End Your Doubts

Habakkuk needed a vision statement, so he could recognize doubts clearly. When a young writer embarks on a writing journey there's a lot of doubts. Others interfere by asking if writing will pay bills, if writing can be a career, if writers can be serious Christians. Those questions interfere, and spring up doubts and question.

How discouraging can writing be? The moment you realize you have not made enough to pay up your bills?

Margaret Atwood said:

You need 10% inspiration, while the rest is 90% perspiration. The 90% is from your vision statement.

A vision statement is your drive and it keeps you going. Whatever your target is as a writer, moving forward can never be overemphasized.

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