November 30, 2018

How To Carve Your Niche

As a writer, you should have a focus, and that's what is called niche.

- What is your passion?
What are the things you love doing best? What aspect of life gives you joy?
How do you express your anger, joy and sadness?

Your passion is locked in the things you love doing, love seeing, and love finding solutions to.

- Carve your niche from your passion
When you understand what keeps you happy, or what gives you joy.
Focus on the things that makes you happy

- Find relevant issues that demands high level of solution
The world needs solution on pressing issues. With your passion as a writer, you can find solutions to problems around you.

- Market your content
Project yourself as a writer. Write consistently on your passion. Target the audience that needs your content and work towards providing solutions

- Ask for feedback
Consistency gives your audience an idea of who you are. Evaluate your audience feedback and keep at your goals as a writer

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