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I am neither from the East nor from the West, no boundaries exist within my breast.

(Rumi, 1207 AD - 1273 AD)

Authors Without Boundaries have ushered in a new wave of writing collaborations that is engaging many authors around the globe. The combining of diverse cultural, and international experiences in one book has helped the reader to shutter misconceptions held about others. It has demonstrated that all human beings have common struggles and experiences despite the different geography that might separate us.

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The Depth of Her SoulUntold Stories of Resilience

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The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. - Gustave Flaubert

Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely necessary. - Jessamyn West

Be shocking, be daring, be bold, be passionate. - Jane Porter

Without trying, it is impossible to know our full potential! We all have a story within us, that if shared, will serve an unfailing purpose. Personal stories are testimonials that heal, encourage, motivate, and inspire others. This is to encourage all those who never thought their story could be a "Best Seller". Wake Up Sleeping Giant! This is the time to join the bandwagon that will usher you into a new era. Someone needs a nudge from the story of your personal experiences.

Compiler Benefits

  • Increases credibility and boosts resume.
  • Increases presence and value.
  • Gives a title. 
  • Improves skills to manage large groups.
  • Income generating opportunity.

​Co-Author Benefits

  • Adds value to resume
  • Helps to step into new territories without fear.
  • Gives access to platforms and increases networking.
  •  Creates residual income.

Single Author Benefits

  • Authors Without Boundaries provides mentorship and writing support.
  • Connections to nextwork of Printers and oher publishing experts.
  • Gives a title.
  •  Increases presence and value.
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Authors Without Boundaries

Authors Without Boundaries has ushered in a new wave of writing collaborations that is engaging many authors around the globe.
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