January 16, 2020

Dr. Craig Evans vs Jewish Rabbi Tovia Singer - Was Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?

Craig Evans is a well-known reputable bible scholar, focusing on the Christian New Testament. He is a respectable, long-standing member of the Society of Biblical Literature. For 25 years, Prof. Dr. Craig Evans has also been a member of an elite Christian scholars group, Society of New Testament Studies, where one needs to be endorsed by senior members of the group in order to be eligible to join. He has had experience in debating Christian or New Testament scholars such as Dr. Richard Carrier and Bart D. Ehrman, and Christian philosopher Lydia McGrew. In this event, for the first time, Dr. Craig Evans debates Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Tovia Singer. The topic of the debate was, "Was Jesus the Promised Messiah?"

Rabbi Tovia Singer is the Director of Outreach Judaism, an internationally recognized counter-missionary organization. He responds directly to issues raised by Christians who claim that Jesus is the promised and prophesied Messiah according to the Jewish part of the Christian bible. He has written a comprehensive two-volume book and study guide titled, "Let's Get Biblical: Why Doesn't Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?" He graduated from the rabbinical college Yeshivat Meir in Jerusalem, Israel. It is the largest Yeshiva in the world today, having produced the finest and most famous Torah scholars and experts in the Hebrew scriptures in the world.

The two faced each other in the Houston Baptist University in Texas, each presenting their opening statement for 30 minutes, their rebuttal for 15 minutes each speaker, and their response to each other for another 15 minutes.

Dr. Craig Evans started the session by mentioning prophecies of a promised Messiah in one of the five books of Moses, in the books of the prophets, as well as in other Jewish literatures such as books written by historian Flavius Josephus, the 7-volume The Jewish Wars, and 샌즈카지노쿠폰 Jewish Antiquities. With the many prophecies mentioned, Evans points out that there were many Jewish leaders throughout history that were thought as the promised Messiah in the begining, but then died, thus proving themselves otherwise. Cleverly, he subtly hinted that if errors made in the past were possible, what would keep the Jews today from another error in recognizing the true Messiah?

Rabbi Tovia Singer's turn for opening statement was used to share with the audience, his very first experience in encountering Christians during his childhood. This experience shaped him into the person he is today and to his work as a counter-missionary rabbi, helping, 더나인카지노 first, the Jews to return to their forefather's faith, and second, the Christians to recognize their error 더나인카지노 in understanding the Hebrew scriptures.

His arguement does not favour any other literature except the Jewish Bible, accepted also by the Christians: the five books of Moses, the Prophets and the Writings. While everybody may have an opinion, as he claims, it is foremost important to find out what God's opinion is and what the Bible's opinion is. He argues that the Jews may have made mistakes in the past. However, God states in the Bible, that 10 gentiles will hold on to one Jew and will ask him that they may follow, because they know that God is with him (Zechariah 8:23). Christians may argue that the Jews are blind and are unable to see the truth due to veils and scales covering their eyes. However, in God's opinion, in the bible's opinion, it is the Jews that the gentiles follow, not the other way around. On another hand, Jeremiah 16:19 clearly states that the gentiles is prophecied to recognize their error by stating, "Our forefathers inherited only lies."

Click the following link to watch the entire debate - Craig Evans debate with Rabbi Tovia Singer . Video recording was produced by Outreach Judaism, Inc. Outreach Judaism is an internationally recognized counter-missionary organization, responding directly to issues raised by Christian missionaries to evangelize Jews.

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