Cyclone Idai Book Intervention (1000 for 1).

In Life's Chrysalis authors from across the globe share true personal life experiences and how it has impacted their lives and people around them. Among these authors, for some it is their very first time writing a story and participating in an Anthology. There are 13 very different stories of authors sharing their personal life experiences. Some of these stories have led the authors to go through total Personal Transformation. Among these stories there are those which are very emotional and heartbreaking but, in the end, they are true testimonials of new hope and resilience. Because of these individuals’ painful life experiences, they were the fortunate ones who were able to find inner peace and healing. Today they are helping others who have traveled similar journeys to heal and move on with their lives.

We want to reach victims of the Cyclone Idai disaster in Zimbabwe. There are many ways to help in disaster recovery. One of the often neglected interventions is the mind. 

Homes have been lost, children are out of school, unable to get a basic understanding of their situation and process the many challenges, they might give in to lives of crime and vices. 

Life's Chrysalis is full of transformational stories that could give a ray of hope to these children, help them grow their resilient spirit and fight through the challenging terrain they are in. 

The Book Trailer!

Officials in Zimbabwe estimate that over 2,250 houses were washed away or damaged, leaving over 4,000 people displaced. 

Residents seeking aid, many of whom are mothers with young children, start gathering in the morning and wait hours before receiving the aid package consisting of blankets, maize meal, oil and sugar, as well as candles and soap. . - Daily Maverick

We want to give more and help in the process of healing and transformation for Zimbabwe. 

Here's your chance to make a difference!

HELP US SEND 1000 books to Zimbabwe

We are shipping 1,000 copies of Life's Chrysalis to affected communities in Ngangu, Copa village, Chumanimani and parts of Eastern Zimbabwe.



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What Would Readers Benefit?

Life's Chrysalis is not just another random book!

We are on a Rescue Mission

For the teenagers most hit by the Cyclone Idai in Souther Africa and most of Eastern Zimbabwe.

By getting this book for a teenager you help us achieve a lot of positive transformation like:
Using stories by ordinary people to transform lives in extraordinary ways.
Influencing young minds for positive life choices.
Equipping young leaders to transform their communities from the chaos.
Providing alternative life-skill and educational experiences to displaced students.
Helping young people find the courage to stand and support themselves and their communities.

What Will You Benefit?

Changing the world of Ordinary People with Life's Chrysalis

Be Part of a Team that Transforms lives

As a part of our team, you are doing so much good that you would be proud of. We are going to always remember how many lives you touched today!
Use some of your resources to patch up the world.
We will send you a personal thank you note via email.
You will be acknowledged on the Authors without Boundaries website and social platforms as we deliver progress reports.
A part of the funds will be donated to the victims of the Cyclone Idai and we will share with you their appreciation.
Receive a certificate of honourary service on demand.