January 24, 2019

The Benefits of Cradle Writing cannot Be Exhausted Today

The benefits of cradle writing cannot be exhausted today. We'd have a long seminar on why babies should be encouraged to tell stories. Writing is not limited by the ability, capacity or the age of the individual. Writing is the ability to create and translate imaginations and sounds into words. It is also a channel for communicating your imagination with people.


We all can learn to write. From writing the 26 letters of the alphabet, few sentences, letters to parents and other scribbles. Some children love writing more than talking, while others find it frustrating to think of things to write.

What happens if your child begins to write at an early age?

Writing at an early age does not imply that those who didn't start early are inferior. Rather it helps the young child self-discover early in life. Here are some benefits of growing your child's writing skills:

1. Writing is a lifetime skill: companies still need to send mail to their clients. People write letters of motivation for employment, proposals, grants and opportunities.

Your child's ability to become a professional who finds it is easy to write begins now.

2. Writing encourages individual thinking & creativity: Writers are creative, and if a child starts writing at an early age, they are likely to live fun and exciting lives.

3. It Aids Communication: Communication is a life skill. A lot of people battle with poor communication skills. They find it difficult to communicate with other professionals. Developing your child's communication skills before college sets him up for opportunities.

3. Self-expression:

"Age and size are only numbers, it's the attitude you bring to clothes that make the difference" Donna Karan

Children who write, also enjoy expressing themselves. There's nothing more adorable than a child with a good grasp of their thoughts and who can express these thoughts confidently.

5. Professional Growth: The world is increasingly becoming a global market and professionals must evolve. From being inflexible to being able to discover new and novel directions to their career goals.
Someone once said that great people are usually writers. Growing research, innovation and creative ability are indicative of Professional growth.

5. Memory: Keeping a diary helps you retain more memories. In this century where social media platforms increase daily, writers have moved from writing in journals. Blogging, and the social media help with journaling. A good way to stay creative is to write.

6. Creating opportunities:
Writing is an avenue for residual income. It opens more opportunities for exposure. It also creates long life friendships and networking opportunities. Writing puts young writers on platforms they never had access to before.

Other benefits of writing early in life include becoming an author in your own right earlier than most, reduced stress, better reading habits and a healthy confidence. Writing gives your child a head start, improves literacy and increases creative ability.


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