December 18, 2018

Benefits Of Being Part Of A Writers Group

If you have ever dreamt of accomplishing your writing dream, or being the next big writer people talk of, or publishing a best seller, then you need to first be part of a writers community or group.

A common quote says, a single tree does not make a forest, that is also implies to you as a single writer making good figures in writing. You might have heard people underestimate the power of walking and working together with other writers, some individuals can even tell you your work can get plagiarized. Laying aside the negative things you have heard about writing groups, there are benefits of being part of a writing group.

1. Networking
“networking is marketing, marketing yourself, your uniqueness and what you stand for” Christine Lynch
Connection and networking can only happen if you place yourself in a healthy environment. In writing groups, you meet lots of great writers, individuals who have published books, new writers, story tellers, poet and freelancers. Networking can be done when you engage in other works, critique the work and learn from them.

2. Gives you support and promotes collaboration

Collaboration is as important as getting good critique for your work. You can collaborate with any writer of your choice to work on anthologies, research, or challenges.

Remember the article on benefits of accountability partners? One of the benefits of being part of a writer’s group is you can get an accountability partner of your choice on the go.

3. Provides constructive criticism
It is good to belong to a community where you can easily be told where to cross your T's, dot and your I's. Constructive criticism enables know what you should have done better in your plotting, or how you should have dressed a character in your story.

4. Stretches You
"True success is achieved by stretching oneself, learning to feel comfortable being uncomfortable" Ken Poirot
In a writer’s group, there are always great opportunities and challenges to equip you as a writer flying around. Due to the rules and regulations guiding a writer’s group, you are likely to participate in challenges and opportunities that you think are best for you and thus allows you to stretch yourself.
In cases of challenges on the group, you learn to keep to deadline as a writer, no matter what happens and this in one way it teaches you discipline.

5. Motivates you always
The stories of great writers motivate young writers, every young writer wants to be popular for his/her work like George Orwell, JK Rowling, Stephen King and lots more. Writing works from writers like you, gives you a sense of strong will and hope that you can also be a good and better writer.

The benefits of a writers’ group cannot be underestimated, it is as important as feeding to your soul. It is the place which helps you achieve your goals, focus on the bull's eyes and of course aim to write the bestseller you have always wanted.

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