December 27, 2018

5 Best Ways To Create Your Muse This Season

We are at that phase where all that matters are dessert, family pictures, picnic, pizza competition, will be the focus on our mind and not our writing focus.

Christmas is a time meant for rest, that is why we enjoy the company of family members and friends: while some writes are battling with coping with family issues and solving extended family problems, a higher number of writers is likely to get stuck with their drafts and stop their writing project.

Getting stuck in the middle of a story, or article is quite normal, yet it is not a good thing not to continue the work. This post is to help you create stories, works and articles on subjects revolving around Christmas and holiday.

1. Santa
Every child loves to see Santa, while some adults still believe in wishes only Santa can fulfil. Are you stuck on the story to write, why don't you write about Santa? Your Santa can be as young as you are or as old as your grandma, your Santa can live in the moon or other planet.

2. Winter
Winner is beautiful, it is one of the uniqueness that accompanies Christmas.
Can you write on health benefits or harm of winter?
Winter on the use of cars, or does winter increases the rate in sexual immorality among high school teen?

3. Depression
There is something called Christmas blues, it happens as a result of anxiety and stress. Do you feel depressed whenever you see your family around you?
Are you suffering from depression because you don't have a 9-5 job, and you have chosen to embrace writing?
You can choose to write your own story of depression, or a non fiction.

4. Family
Christmas happens amidst families, everyone gets to see their relatives.
You can write a memoir on your family stating what you love about each one of them in the family?
Having known what each individual in the family stands for, you can create any character of your choice to act like one of your family.

5. Love
The reason for Christmas all started as a result of love.
Every individual on earth loves someone, love lives in us, you can make best use of your understanding of what love is and create any work of your choice concerning that.

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